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Welcome James W. Schaeffer



James Schaeffer

Financial Advisor


We are pleased to announce that James Schaeffer has joined Constant Wealth Management.  James is also a Managing Director at WaveCrest Securities. Prior to joining Constant Wealth Management, James worked in private equity, most recently working with Eagle View Measurements, which sold in 2015 for $710 million.  He is President of Worth Capital and has consulted with numerous business owners regarding their merger and acquisition acititiy.  He has a background as a military aviator and entrepreneur. He is currently Chief of Academics for Undergraduate Pilot Training at Sheppard AFB and has flown as an instructor pilot at Sheppard AFB, training members of Euro-Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training, and as a cargo pilot in worldwide operations including staging for Bosnia and Operation Restore Hope in Africa.  James is a graduate of the Air Force Academy with a Degree in Engineering Sciences.